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Why do we OM (AUM)?

Is OM a religious thing?

Nope, it ain't folks…of course, the sound is often used before spiritual recitation in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, but it is not of religious connection and certainly doesn’t belong to one religious group.  So, if you're Christian for example, you don't have to worry that you are straying from where you feel your commitments lie.

What does OM (AUM) mean?

The sound OM or AUM is a universal sound, signifying the essence of the

ultimate higher consciousness.

To some, this higher consciousness may refer to the embodiment of God, to others a higher consciousness is the energy of life which runs through each and every living thing.

*When you start to delve into the world of spiritualism you start to understand that we are beyond the physical body, as well as beyond the thoughts and labels we often mistake ourselves for. We begin to recognise that we are the AWARENESS that witnesses thought - as if there were two of you.

Have you ever been aware of this?

If not, take notice of how there's another part to you that witnesses thinking, what is that watches the thinking mind? That watcher is the true YOU, it is our selfless SELF, it is the CONSCIOUS LIGHT OF ENERGY that gives you LIFE, some may refer to this energy as our spirit, our god essence or our consciousness.

What are the benefits of chanting OM?

We can all agree that everything has a vibrational energy field, scientists have even confirmed that absolutely nothing is solid, everything is made up of vibrating atoms.

Stay with me, there's a reason I mention this ;)

If nothing is solid, and everything vibrates, then so do we, right?

We're not a solid mass of human skin and bone, we are mass of atoms vibrating in sync with the universe in the shape of a human being, We are literally the universe expressing itself in human form.

For that reason, OM (AUM) is referred to as the sound of the universe.

When we chant OM we send positive vibrational energy out into the atmosphere, and the vibrations we feel within when we chant relaxes every cell in our body.

The other wonderful thing about chanting OM is that it brings us out of our thinking mind and into the present moment. Chanting is a wonderful way of letting go of thought and instead, becoming still within.

The ethereal sound of OM connects us symbolically to all that exists.





I'm too embarrassed to chant!

I totally get that, I used to be embarrassed too. After all it's a fairly new practice in the western world, and yes - a lot of people will look at you side-ways and perhaps think you're a little odd for sitting like a pretzel and repeating an OM sound.

Just remember, this is your practice, your life, we are all on our individual paths, so let go of others' judgements if OM chanting is something you want to do. You may or may not be ready to chant OM, perhaps you never will be and that's OK too. It's not a given that you have to chant whilst meditating. You can meditate in any way you wish. But, perhaps try it some time, when no one is around, and notice how it makes you feel, you may even giggle a little. I know I did! I burst out laughing when I got an image in my head of what I must look like. Now, it's totally natural for me to do it every time I meditate, people around or not, but it's not everyone's cuppa tea (as we say here in the UK) and that's OK.

Do what makes you feel comfortable, after-all, meditation in any form is beneficial to spiritual growth and to the growth and connection with your higher consciousness, that's what really matters.


Well, friends, I hope I've shed a little light on the meaning and reasoning behind OM-ing. There will be OM chanting in my up and coming meditation. Take part, or just listen and let the vibrations of the sound wash through you. Whatever you choose, is the right thing for you at this point in time. I'm just so happy so many of you are willing to join me for 30-days of spiritual awakening.

You can enjoy my free meditation classes on YouTube - Just Click here

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Sending love and light,




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