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Bespoke Online Yoga Classes

A video yoga program designed precisely for your specific personal requirements...filmed just for you! you want to start yoga, right? BUT. There are always buts with these things. Whether you can't make a regular class because of work or social commitments, OR you're apprehensive about joining a roomful of other people OR you really want a personal trainer but you're nervous about the one-on-one thing...well, Bespoke Online Yoga Classes are for you. Here's our personalised, bespoke yoga experience - all delivered in videos filmed just for you, to suit your specific needs. You'll recieve a phone consultation with Candace between each yoga video, so that we can deliver yoga videos that are tailored exactly to your ongoing progression. This is one personal training session that you can keep forever and use over and over.


The many benefits of Bespoke Online yoga Classes...

  • Practice your Online Yoga Videos in the comfort and privacy of your own home anytime, wearing anything, even PJs will do, or ofcourse enjoy your bespoke online yoga classes wherever you are in the world, using any device (Smartphone, iPad or computer).

  • Your personalised Online yoga classes can be downloaded - meaning you have to oportunity to keep your private yoga videos forever.

  • These Bespoke Online Yoga Classes are so much more cost-effective than in home/studio private yoga sessions (Average £70ph). It's a great penny saver!

  • You can choose a package that will guide your yoga progression at your own pace.

Benefits of yoga.


How Your Bespoke Online Yoga Videos Work....

First, you choose the yoga package that suits you best. Maybe you want to try one yoga video for now, or maybe you'll want to take advantage of our great package deals to save money and set yourself off on a beautiful yoga journey... Candace will be there every step of the way.

First, you'll get a free Skype or phone consultation with Candace, so that we can work out your specific needs and talk about the where you are in your yoga practice, so that we know whether to create a yoga for beginners video or something a little for intermediate.

We'll then get to work straight away and film your first yoga video...which is designed to suit you down to the ground. Every video is filmed just for you and only for you.

We'll send you a link to your yoga video via Vimeo (password protected). Which you can either stream online (we'll keep it up there forever), or download your Bespoke Online Yoga Video directly from Vimeo to keep on your computer, hard drive, pen drive, phone or tablet forever.

Of course, you can use your yoga video as many times as you like, for as long as you like...but as soon as you feel ready to step up and move on, or if your needs change and you want to update your yoga flow, then you're ready for your next consultation with Candace, before we press record on your next video.

Need to ask questions or get more advice on the benefites of Bespoke Online Yoga Videos? Then feel free to email Candace any time, she'll be on hand to help you out. She's gotcha.



Prices and online booking below!!

Below, you can order your package and schedule your first consultation...and then Candace will be in touch to confirm where to send a PayPal invoice and how you'd like to be contacted for the consultation.


"My birthday present of a set of bespoke yoga videos has been a revelation, it makes a real difference to practise poses and sequences that have been tailored to your needs, rather than generic tutorials. I also find myself concentrating a little harder, as Candi is using my name!" - Francesca, London.

"My great bespoke video brought me further than any other video could do. After a little talk Candace knew exactly what I can do and what I couldn’t do and what I would like to try or work on next. So in that flow she gives me personalised explanations and motivations so that I know what to do and how. It is a wonderful every day flow because I have everything in that is important to me, and is important for a balanced flow for strength, and length. Thank you so much dear Candace!!!!"

Aileen, Berlin.

"As an intermediate yoga practitioner with a history of back injury, my intermediate practice is hard to find videos for. Most beginner videos have lots of extra cueing which is important for those just starting their yoga journey, but can be distracting if you prefer more minimal cues. Most intermediate videos leave me modifying over half the practice because to many public figures in yoga intermediate=tons of inversions; some which aren't suitable for my back. I found YogaCandi through some practices on YogaTX's YouTube channel. I enjoyed them so much I found her channel looking for more, and enquired about the bespoke videos because I was looking for longer flows. My bespoke videos have been perfect. No matter where you are on your yoga journey, the benefits of a practice tailored to your own individual needs and preferences creates even more growth, and makes getting on the mat that much more fun. I highly recommend getting your own set. Candace does the MOST amazing job listening and figuring out exactly what your practice needs!"

Jessica, USA.


  • Seek medical advice before doing any form of exercise if you have any medical conditions.

  • If you are pregnant, or if you have recently given birth, I would recommend finding a post or prenatal yoga class to attend. That way you can be sure you're keeping both yourself and your baby safe.

  • Please let me know if you need to cancel an appointment 24 hours in advance, so that I have the chance of offering the slot to someone else, if 24 hours is not given you will loose your deposit.

  • In the event of poor internet connection or any technical issues, you will be able to reschedule your class.

  • Any rude, inappropriate behavior or questions, will result in cancellation of a class with no refund.

  • Sessions must be used within 3 months from the time of purchase.

  • Every student must read, agree to terms & sign an online consultation form.

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