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  • By Candace Austin - YogaCandi

3 tips for staying positive throughout your practice.

Hey everyone, if you're in need of a little inspiration for the week ahead, then look no further. Tao Porchon Lynch holds the record for being the world's oldest yoga teacher at 96 years young! If she isn't a shining torch for what yoga can do for the body, mind and spirit - no matter your age - then I don't know what it is. She certainly is a walking, talking inspiration for getting us all off our rumps and onto to our yoga mats - whatever size, shape or age we are. If she can do it, so can we. Below you can watch her in action and notice her childlike charm.

After watching the beautiful soul that is Tao Porchon Lynch, I hope you're left with nothing but positive vibes for your yoga journey ahead. Read on for tips on how to stay positive, and how to keep things fresh and alive (for the next 90 years!).

1. You're not perfect and that's OK...

The world would not exist without imperfection. No two snow flakes are the same, so why would we be? Find acceptance if you have an off day, or if you don't do yoga X times a week - there is no rule, we're all individuals and we all have unique needs. If you find your mind judging the progression of your practice on what others have achieved, then take a deep breath and remember: yoga is a personal journey. Remind yourself there's no competition and no goal to be got. Instead, enjoy the ride, the bumps and the scrapes, and know that the tough times will be the very things that help you grow the most.

2. Learn to listen to your inner voice...

Before getting on your mat, you may intend to embark on a crazy intense vinyasa flow...but some days, once you begin, you realise your body just wants to relax, stretch out or meditate. And that's OK. Tapping into that inner voice will bring you closer to what your body needs on any given day, it will allow you to love each and every practice because every time you begin your asana (physical) practice you will be feeding your body just what it needs.

3. Be playful...

Learn to be playful throughout each and every yoga practice. Even if you're following a YouTube video or a teacher in a studio, feel free to find your own rhythm. If you feel like being silly, do it! If you feel like doing a different pose or holding one for longer, do that! And if you fall out of a pose - laugh, it's OK to fail, that's why it's called a practice ;) Sometimes, I fall out of poses like a drunken old sailor, and it makes me giggle like one.


Try sitting for 2 - 3 minutes in a meditative posture on your yoga mat. Listen to the body. Listen to the breath. And only after those few minutes of silence, decide what it is your body is asking of you today. Do you need a gentle flow, perhaps something like yin or restorative? Or do you need to release some energy through a vinyasa flow? Then choose any YogaCandi YouTube video that feels suitable and notice what a difference it makes to first tune in and listen silently to your body's signals...before you even begin your physical practice.

Namaste my friends,



Yoga is for everyone, together let’s be present!

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