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My personal testimonial is: I used to suffer quite a lot from anxiety and stress, on the surface I would always look very calm and collected. But unfortunately, inside, that stress and anxiety were playing havoc. To the point where I ended up going to and from the doctors with all sorts of painful stress-related ailments. Then I introduced yoga and mindfulness into my life. Around a year into my daily yoga practice, I started to realise I had the power to keep that discomfort and pain at bay. Yoga was a practice I can carry with me wherever I go. My husband and I took a year out to travel the Americas for our honeymoon, and while we were on the road, yoga became even more of a blessing to me, because I could do it from any hotel room, hostel, beach you name it.

Hey guys,


My name is Candace and my main aim is to help you on the journey of self-discovery through the practice of yoga..using tools like my YouTube channel, my coming-soon subscription service 'TRIBE', bespoke private videos, Skype for online yoga tuition and in-person private yoga lessons for people living in and around Kent, UK.


Yoga is an amazing tool for teaching us to become present; it teaches us to listen to what the body is signalling to us. This is something we seem to lose in this crazy, busy, buzzing modern world we live in.

Where I come from:

I was born in Zimbabwe, Africa, where I spent the first 15 years of my life...running around the African bush, barefoot, with my little brother and sister, in search of any creatures we could find, inspect and gawk over! Our family moved to the UK in 1999, with very little money, spending a whole year living in a caravan while my dad built a business from scratch. 

I studied beauty therapy at college, then TV and film make-up at Bournemouth university (


However, my love for Africa and its wildlife didn't stop...I ended up back in Africa studying to become a safari guide, which is where I happened to meet my now husband. (and where we had our dream African wedding). That's when I found yoga. We spent a year long honeymoon (, traveling Mexico, North, Central and South America, and my yoga journey traveled with us. So after the incredible honeymoon, I jetted off to Rishikesh, India, to study yoga teacher training. What an eye opener that was - India is a place full of the best and the worst, the Yin and the Yang, I can truly say I found pieces of myself there I never thought I would. So here I am today: ready to share that incredible knowledge that was passed on to me from my inspirational Indian gurus.

YogaCandi, Candace Austin

Namaste. The light within me recognizes the light within you.

Candace xxx

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