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  • By Candace Austin - YogaCandi

Get Your Green On

Incorporate indoor plants into your yoga space to improve your home yoga experience.

If you're living in an urban jungle like London, New York or any other city...yet you crave experiencing yoga amongst nature, then why not bring the nature to you? The use of indoor plants to dress your yoga space brings so many important benefits - they add colour, a sense of calm, cleanliness, tranquillity, freshness, beauty and oxygen. So if you're not already practising your home yoga around plants, then get your yogi butt down to the local nursery and pick out some beauties that take your fancy, or why not ask one of the staff to help you choose the best piece for your indoor yoga sanctuary.

Do you practise yoga with plants? I'd love to see your at-home, green-filled sanctuary! Leave me a little comment to let me know how your indoor plants make you feel, perhaps even attatch an image.

Below is a great video all about practicing yoga around plants.

Enjoy being green yogis,

Namaste 😊🙏🏼



Yoga is for everyone, together let’s be present!

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