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5 Life changing ways to start your day..

ONE: Before you even get out of bed, I recommend taking 5-minutes to mini-meditate. Setting your alarm just 5 minutes early to do this can set you on the right path for the day by allow your mind to become still and free of life's clutter from the start. Just 5 minutes to listen to your innermost feeling, to experience the space within that harbours a precious peace. If you're not sure how to begin this practice then I invite you to try this 2-minute meditation tomorrow with me.

TWO: Start the day off with warm lemon water to rehydrate, get your vitamin C intake & kickstart that metabolism as you wake.

Warm lemon water is not the only healthy option, click here for more ideas on how to keep things fresh.

THREE: Ever watched an animal as it wakes? They don't jump straight into the day without taking the time to stretch it all out. What a beautiful example they are! Let's take a couple of pages from their book & set aside at least 10-minutes every morning to show our bodies some much needed TLC.

Try this FREE 10-minute morning yoga routine, and let me know how it made you feel.

FOUR: Fuel your body in the right way. One of our favourite breakfasts is to pre-make a chia pot the night before to save time.

Click for 5 basic recipes to get you started on the healthy chai breakfast train, but of course make it your own by throwing in some nuts & seeds of any kind, as well as oats & anything else you can think of to add a little extra to your pot of nutrition.

FIVE: Keep a journal. Every morning, write down a positive affirmation - a word, a quote that you love or a goal for the day ahead. It's also important to write down your to-do list to help keep stress & aniexty at bay - that way you can tick off what you've done, making the day's chores seem less daunting.

It's the best way to start your thoughts off on a postive & meaningful path.

Read more about the benefits of a daily affirmation.

I truly hope you've found this blog helpful my friends, I'd love to hear from you... do you already incorporate all the above into your daily routine? Perhaps you already do some of them and have done for years? Or perhaps it's all new to you but you've had a go? Let me know how your daily routine effects you, and if you try any of the above let me know how its left you feeling?

Namaste lovely humans,



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