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  • by Spencer Austin

Shop bought bread sucks! Make this easy spelt bread!

Recipe: ‘Jane’s Magic Bread’ Book: Peace and Parsnips by Lee Watson, p.267

Whoever Jane is, yes, it’s quite true that she has created something quite magic. Well done Jane. So…we HATE the standard supermarket bread. I’ve heard that because they’re too impatient to wait for the normal proving process, they double the amount of yeast (leading to soaring rates of yeast infections, blurgh) and just bash it around in a big drum until it wants to be chemically flavoured empty-calorie bread. The obvs alternative is to make your own.

But that can seem a but like someone else’s life, right? Making fresh bread, the sign of the ultimate hippy/house-person. Who has time? Huh? Well, with this recipe, you.

And no candida! Forget loads of proving and kneading and all that grown up baker stuff. This spelt recipe is more like making a cake. but the results are a dense (but not too dense) easily slice-able bread that’s great for toast in the mornings. And it’s got healthy seeds in to boot. My tips would be to use a silicon loaf tin, and keep it in the fridge to prevent what I had once, a very fast-forming mould. This has the potential to last nearly all week, so I make one on Sunday and there you go, easy breakfast (with smashed avos? Or homemade baked beans? Or just Marmite?).

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