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Yoga in the comfort of your own home.

Yoga is for everyone. Together, lets be present.





YogaCandi Candace

Whether you're a total newbie or a regular yogi, I've got loads of online yoga classes for you to choose from. From 30 day challenges to meditations to yoga for specific issues...let's take this journey together!




Start your yoga journey today with online yoga classes, my yoga way of life began with an online yoga challenge, and I've never looked back! I truly hope you enjoy it, friends!

Your words of kindess...

"Candace is a Beautiful soul & has great YouTube yoga videos for a home practice! Try the 30days yoga challenge ! It’s been an amazing journey for me" - Chrystelle❤️

"Thank you so much Candace, all your videos are perfect for the beginner/intermediate yogi. This practice was just what the doctor ordered for tired legs and tight hips". - Jonathon 💛

"Really enjoying the yoga challenge series, these lower back stretches are wonderful, thank you Candace". - Elaine

"Namaste and thanks :) Your videos are so useful!" - Sherry

"I cannot say enough about your practice, I really look forward to all the great scenery, your calm and supportive tone. I have been practicing for four years and I feel as if I can challenge myself or take care in revisiting proper alignment. I can't wait to keep practicing with your wonderful community. Really I just cannot say enough. This Channel has profoundly changed my practice and my relationship with my time on and off the mat". Namaste - Alethea

"Oh my gosh... so I'm a relatively new subscriber to your channel. practicing yoga for about 3.5 years now, but I HAD to tell you.. I love your style of teaching and I'm digging this flexibility challenge. I would greatly appreciate it if you did more 30 day challenges after this because you're awesome! stay groovy, and thank you!" - Honey

"Great class. I like your voice, your pace and you were born to be a yoga teacher." - Lexi

"My third time doing this practice and I love it, definately a new regular go-to! I really enjoy the energy and flow and the added bonus of practicing my crow and wheel poses. I'm feeling stronger each time. Thank you Candice x" - Debs

"I've done quite a few back pain relief sessions from YouTube but this one is really different! Lots of your stretches are new to me and are great! Really can feel the deep stretch and the tense muscles slowly relaxing! Love your voice and instructions too! Keep it up! Thanks!" - Tijana

"Loving the challenge--great way to start the year. I LOVE doing yoga with you and having a challenge or routine of sorts to follow keeps me coming back each day". - Andrea

" As always a great experience no matter what part of the body we focus on." - Lou

"This challenge is one of the best I’ve done. You really feel the difference in your body. I’m going to start over tomorrow. Namaste" 🙏🏽 - Pat

"So happy to have discovered such a wonderful teacher. Thank you Candi" - Miss W.


My name is Candace


To fInd out more about me, 


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  • Suffer from fatigue, insomnia & tiredness?

  • Want to make time in your life for some self-love & attention?

  • Suffer from stress & anxiety?

  • Want to gain more flexibility, strength & balance?

  • Want to practice the art of living for the present moment?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then yoga is definitely for you.

Bespoke Online Yoga  Classes


Online yoga classes designed precisely for your specific personal requirements...filmed just for you!


Coming soon...

YogaCandi, Candace

We're currently working on loads of exciting content to bring you as a part of a brand new subscription club that will give you unlimited access to hours of online yoga classes, online meditation, online personalized tuition and lots more. Keep an eye on this page for more info!


yoga kit

Take a look at the props YogaCandi recommends you add to your Yoga kit. Props are a great way to help you improve during your yoga journey, and all products in the list have been tried and tested by YogaCandi.


Support  Free Online Yoga Classes

Donations are a great way to keep YogaCandi bringing new & improved free online yoga classes via YouTube Yoga videos. Your donations help fund website maintenance, improve the quality of videos by purchasing better equipment, work with other industry professionals & pay to rent studios.


So if you’ve been enjoying our free online yoga classes, then please do consider making a small one-off - or - monthly contribution, so that we can continue to bring you these awesome Free Online Yoga Classes to the comfort of your own home, no matter where in the world you are.

Thank you for making my dream of teaching yoga worldwide a reality, love, and light to you all,

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