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Namaste yogis! To celebrate you (and the growth of the YogaCandi YouTube Channel), I'm happy to start offering a monthly downloadable calendar that you can follow, print and keep forever. Each month's calendar - made with love by yours truly - will rotate the current free YogaCandi Yoga Videos with new uploads to bring you the very best tailor-made month that I can offer. These Yoga calendars are a wonderful way to help motivate you to continue showing up for yourself everyday on the mat, making self-love and acceptance a priority.

Please do invite your friends, family (and even strangers on the street!) to join you each month, as we roll out our mats and focus on strength-building, flexibility training, inner-peace and mindfulness...through meditation, yin and vinyasa flow yoga.

What you need to know:

  • To match your calendar, there will be a free YouTube playlist on the YogaCandi channel each month.

  • You have the option to save, download and print each calendar, so that you can tick off each day as you go - perhaps even hang the calendar on your wall as an extra reminder to make a yoga date with yourself each day...or you can simply follow along with the playlist of the month.

  • New videos will be added to the playlist when they are released.

  • The most important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself - if you need a rest, take it. If you decide the yoga flow of the day is simply not what your body is craving, then choose another from our growing playlist. Listening to your mind, body and soul is true yoga - together, let's live by that and find what feels right for us.

  • Last but not least, enjoy this journey. Smile and share with others, free yoga is a gift everyone in the world can enjoy.


Sharing has never been easier. Use #yogacandi on social media (Instagram/ Facebook) - take a selfie or video of you doing a YogaCandi YouTube video so that you can be part of spreading awareness of the beautiful gift of FREE yoga, mindfulness and self-love.

And, of course, be sure to tag @YogaCandi on instagram so that I can cheer you on and watch you grow through this wonderful practice.

Thank you for practicing with me!




Click on the latest calendar to download, save, or print it out.

September19 .jpg

Previous calendars (Follow along YouTube playlists no longer available).

August 2019 -1.jpg
JULY 2019 .jpg
June 2019 .jpg
May 2019 .jpg
March 2019  copy.jpg
APRIL 2019 .jpg
JAN 2019 BALANCE.jpg
JAN 2019 BALANCE.jpg
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